Friday, 30 November 2012

Hello, world!

Somewhat cheesy and obvious of course, but what else could a programming related blog possibly start with? ;)

I am a 40-something software professional with over 30 years experience in tinkering with computers. I am planning to post in this blog my experiences in programming, possibly some tips and tricks, and no doubt some personal venting of frustrations about technology :)

What's in the name then? 'Raspberry' obviously comes from the Raspberry Pi a nifty, cheap but versatile piece of technology hoped to get a new generation interested in tech. 'Raspberry Compote' is one of my favorite desserts (or a part of one: goes especially well with ice-cream or cheese cake) - food and cooking is another one of my hobbies. And 'compote' is of course a word-play on 'compute'.

Many happy returns :P